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`docker load` failes in a armv7 embedded router host

Hi good ppl,
I am trying to run docker engine on a embedded router platform based on openwrt, but heavily customized, and I am facing issues during runtime.

I have compiled the kernel with necessary CFLAGS and NAMESPACE flags and I am able to run docker-containerd and dockerd with out any ERRORS throwing.
but well I try to load a tarball image using docker cli, I am facing this error:

# docker load -i /tmp/alpine.tgz 
open /tmp/data/tmp/docker-import-470444435/docker/json: no such file or directory

The /tmp/data/* directories has 0777 permissions. Please help me.

You might want to consider to open a thread in the OpenWRT forum… I doubt that you will get any usefull responses here as almost no one will run Docker on OpenWRT here.

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