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Docker load -i image.tar : no space left on device

I am using linux RedHat 7.

I have no options to change the configuration of my server.

When I run

docker load -i images.tar 

Error processing tar file(exit status 1): write /665b3743d81d9b5952e83a3f55aec18bd8eb082696215e534fa1da6247e99855/layer.tar: no space left on device

There is very little space on the / mount, but I have lots available in /apps

How do I tell docker to use my /apps mount when I run docker load?

Typically everything is stored in /var/lib/docker. You can change it by passing a different parameter to dockerd. In the /etc/docker/daemon.json you can configure a different data directory.

Look at the “data-root” parameter.