"docker login" hangs in PowerShell ISE

Expected behavior

Prompt for username, password and email when docker login is invoked in the console pane of PowerShell ISE window.

Actual behavior

The ISE sessions hangs with the message “Running script/selection. Press Ctrl + Break to stop. Press Ctrl + B to break into debugger.” without returning the prompt to enter the username.
Screensot - https://publicdatashare.blob.core.windows.net/docker/dockerLoginInIse.jpg


Host: Windows 10 Enterprise
Docker version - 1.10.3
Docker for Windows version - (beta) 9874eb0

Steps to reproduce the behavior

  1. Open PoswrShell ISE
  2. Type ‘docker login’ at the prompt in the console

@0nth I don’t have a system with Toolbox to test right now - do you know whether this was also a problem when using Docker Toolbox (not Docker for Windows)?

It seems like the ISE shell has some bad interactions with Docker:

If this problem also manifests itself with Toolbox, could you please comment on the issue on docker/docker above to let that project know.