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Docker-machine IP won't connect

I’m new to docker and trying to work through the Developer - Beginner Linux Containers.

In section 2.0 (Webapps with Docker), after I run “docker run --name static-site -e AUTHOR=“cbedo” -d -P seqvence/static-site” it works. After running docker port static-site, I get:

443/tcp ->
80/tcp ->

I can then connect at localhost:32771 and see the “hello cbedo” site running in the container.

I then ran docker-machine ip default which at first didn’t work ,but after a docker-machine restart, gave me:

But for some reason, I am unable to connect at Chrome says “refused to connect.”

Any help would be appreciated.


I am running macOS Sierra 10.12.1 on a 2013 Retina MBP.

Docker info:
ontainers: 15
Running: 1
Paused: 0
Stopped: 14
Images: 30
Server Version: 1.12.3
Storage Driver: aufs
Root Dir: /var/lib/docker/aufs
Backing Filesystem: extfs
Dirs: 88
Dirperm1 Supported: true
Logging Driver: json-file
Cgroup Driver: cgroupfs
Volume: local
Network: host overlay null bridge
Swarm: inactive
Runtimes: runc
Default Runtime: runc
Security Options: seccomp
Kernel Version: 4.4.27-moby
Operating System: Alpine Linux v3.4
OSType: linux
Architecture: x86_64
CPUs: 2
Total Memory: 3.854 GiB
Name: moby
Docker Root Dir: /var/lib/docker
Debug Mode (client): false
Debug Mode (server): true
File Descriptors: 20
Goroutines: 35
System Time: 2016-12-11T04:44:56.828025324Z
EventsListeners: 1
No Proxy: *.local, 169.254/16
WARNING: No kernel memory limit support
Insecure Registries:

running ohmyzsh shell in iterm2.

So from reading other forum posts, stack overflow, and mass googling, it appears that this just won’t work on Docker for Mac. I’d highly suggest changing the tutorial or at least noting limitations so newbies like myself won’t get so frustrated with the “Developer - Beginner Linux Containers” tutorial.

Wondering what other gotchas I’m going to run into if I just skip this tiny piece of the tutorial (2.1) and move on through the rest of it?