Docker-machine not available on base ce ubuntu installation?

Trying out docker, fairly new. Used the install instructions here:

And I have docker running and everything is working. But some of the examples and training that I have been reading show using the docker-machine app.

I get the impression it should be just included when it says “Machine is installed along with other Docker products”

But my machine doesn’t have it:

funkyjive@svr:~$ dpkg -l | grep docker
ii  docker-ce                                       17.03.0~ce-0~ubuntu-xenial                    amd64        Docker: the open-source application container engine

and it doesn’t appear to be in the package:

funkyjive@svr:~$ dpkg -L docker-ce | grep docker-machine

I was guessing maybe there was a docker-toolbox or something, but I haven’t been able to find any additional packages and the command certainly doesn’t seem to be there:

funkyjive@svr:~$ docker[tab]
docker                  docker-containerd-ctr   dockerd             docker-proxy            
docker-containerd       docker-containerd-shim  docker-init        docker-runc

Any help?

I have continued to research on this. I went and manually got docker-machine and put it on my system using the alternative instructions.

But it doesn’t really appear capable of doing anything right now

$docker-machine ip
Error: No machine name(s) specified and no "default" machine exists

I guess I am still piecing together the concept. It almost seems I need a virtual machine or something for this thing?

@funkyjive , any update on this?
I was wondering what else has changed in moving from docker to
(see “Uninstall old versions” under
Maybe we don’t need docker-machine any longer?