Docker MACVLAN network not working , when using the "desktop-linux" context

I am using the free version of Docker Desktop in Ubuntu PC and creating the Images and containers.

When I am using the desktop-linux context , images and containers are showing in Docker desktop but macvlan network not working

docker context use desktop-linux

When I am using the default context , images and containers are not showing in Docker Desktop but macvlan network working perfectly

docker context use default

For your reference

 docker network create -d macvlan --subnet --gateway  -o parent=eth0  custommacvlan
docker run -d --name dockermacvlan --network custommacvlan --ip nginx

I want to make both macvlan network working and images & containers need to show in the docker desktop.

Kindly give me the solution as soon as possible.

Docker Desktop runs a virtual machine with its own private network. MacVLAN will never work with that. When you switch back to the default context, you don’t use Docker Desktop, you use Docker CE which is a completely different Docker engine directly on your host. You will have different images and different containers. This is what contexts are for.