Docker Master Binaries stopped being updated


I noticed the Docker master binary build has stopped updating.

The latest build was from 22-03-27. Any idea on why and how to get the daily builds running again?


I didn’t know about this domain, so I did a little reseach, and it is indeed owned by Docker and even mentioned on GitHub. I couldn’t find any information why it is not updating and there were some issues with it before, so you can try to report it here:

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Thank you for the response. Yeah, it’s been working for years and I have been using it to download and test the latest master branch builds. Would definitely love to get it going again.

What’s interesting is the first time this happened was a few years back (2019, I think). And the build stopped around 22nd of March. Same as this time. Is it coincidental? My guess is not. The update seems to stop around the same time of the year…

I’ll raise this issue again in the other forum you mentioned.

Thank you.