Docker Memory usage and Server stuck

Hi All,

We are getting an issue on Ubuntu EC2 instance, we are running 8 docker container on Amazon EC2 instance which is having 30 GB memory and 16 cores. What we observed our EC2 being stuck after 3-4 days of reboot and in the logs we are getting Memory issues. When we monitored to docker stats command it shows every Docker is running on less than 2GB (Total used 16G) on the EC2 when we ran the free –g command it shows the used memory is around 16-17GB and other memory is in buff / cache and Free is having 0.

Please let us know There is any issue or we have to do any configuration. I tried to drop the cache but it got filled in 10 minutes.

Versions –

Ubuntu – 16.04 ( xenial)

Docker - 17.09.0-ce

Please let me know if required more details for troubleshooting.