Docker mounting problem while invoke a container inside a container

I’m using centos6.6 and centos7.0 machines. I had installed docker
package in both machines. I need to do up a container inside an image
using docker, regarding my need there is an option available and go
through the following url (Blog | Docker) and also i implemented the same in our machines.

I’m facing issue like

" cannot start container system error: mount point for cgroup not found ".

Regarding the issue, i found the soluation for that using the following link :-

And i tried that too, still facing an another issue

[root@9c0cf273440f /]# umount cgroup

umount: cgroup: must be superuser to umount

[root@9c0cf273440f /]# sudo service cgconfig start

Starting cgconfig service: Error: cannot mount cpuset to /cgroup/cpuset: Permission denied

/sbin/cgconfigparser; error loading /etc/cgconfig.conf: Cgroup mounting failed

Failed to parse /etc/cgconfig.conf or /etc/cgconfig.d [FAILED]

[root@9c0cf273440f /]#

Please help me to solve my issues.

I have met this issue. If you resolve this issue, please share your solution. Thx.

Not yet to resolve it. Keep finding in google. Sure, will let you know the solution once i got it.


Did you resolve this issue?

Please share the solution.


If you share how you have tried, we may be able to help you. The original issue was years ago so the cause and the solution can be different.