Docker + MySQL: Handling Database Syncronization

I’ve been looking into docker for a long time now as a way to improve our testing/QC methods at my job and perhaps even go to production with it, but one question that I really want answered is this: what is the recommended way of keeping MySQL/SQL Databases in sync?

Let me clarify, we use mostly Drupal and Wordpress, where their configuration depends heavily on the database behind it. So suppose a developer wants to run the latest security update. He could do that on his machine, it would run the unit and behat tests to verify that nothing broke, and we would push it on up the chain. But what’s the best method there for taking his working database and pushing it to production? What about syncing between 5 developers? One pushes a Drupal update to Git, but it could be incompatible with the DB that is connected to the container of the other 4 developers. Etc.

Is this actually more simple than I’m thinking? It’s an issue that we deal with a lot in our current configuration so if Docker can facilitate this it could be a big win. Thanks.