Docker network ipvlan creation fails with Ubuntu subinterface name enp3s0

New to docker - patience appreciated.

I have both docker ce and docker desktop (latest versions) installed on Ubuntu 23.10

Trying to create a pi-hole container with a static ip on my lan address range (to replace one in Unriad that has this same configuration)

I used the command line to try to create the ipvlan as follows:
docker network create --driver=ipvlan --subnet= --gateway= -o ipvlan_mode=l2 -o parent=enp3s0 my_ipvlan

I keep getting the error:
Error response from daemon: invalid subinterface vlan name enp3s0, example formatting is eth0.10

I know that ubuntu has changed the naming scheme but do not understand how to reconcile this with docker.

Try to run ip link show on CLI to see your network interfaces.