Docker network settings and containers running throught proxy

Hi everybody,

I’m stuck on a network problem here.

My system is an Ubuntu 14.04 with the last version of docker installed (not I’ve got two ethernet interfaces eth0 and eth1. Eth0 is linked to the network of my University which provides access to internet throught a proxy. As my machine is a server for a dev group, eth1 provides the defaut route for the LAN (ip range

So :
INTERNET – | – UNIVERSITY (Proxy, dhcpd) – | – eth0 of my machine – eth1 of my machine | – the lan

By the way, the ip I got from the university server is, so I don’t know if docker engine gets its ip by the dhcp or sets it by itself which could both lead to network issues.

Also I have a firewall on my server which I think is good for docker. The problem, I think, is that the docker engine starts by default its network interface docker0 linked to eth0. I think the solution is to change that and link it eth1 with an ip like And then route all the trafic from docker0 (so …20 ip) to the default route.

I have read the network wiki but I can’t make this work. I’d like a little help on this ?