Docker Newbie HTTP_AUTH_USER and HTTP_AUTH_PASS must be set

Good Morning,

Sorry for the newbie question here. I’m wanting to do some training on pgBadger but it requires a perl environment. Rather than install all of that on my windows machine I thought to get a docker image.

Well I think I found one better in an image ( that already has pgBadger installed so I pulled that to my docker desktop.

When I try to start it I get this error in the logs:
2024-06-04 09:19:26 HTTP_AUTH_USER and HTTP_AUTH_PASS must be set

A search of technical docs is revealing things like a swarm or ngix etc.

I’m sure this is a simple fix like perhaps I add the AUTH user and pass to a json config file somewhere I just don’t know?


YES!!! A new error!! For any other newbies like me out there you simply had to specify the HTTP_AUTH_USER and HTTP_AUTH_PASS when first creating the container.