Docker nginx-proxy with host-based Apache & Apache containers

My existing home server runs a few websites and web apps. If not natively running as HTTPS, I have used EFF’s Lets Encrypt tools to do so.

I would like to migrate them 1 by 1, to ensure they continue to function as a container as to how they did under the host’s Apache installation. I also need to check how to migrate some of the web apps or if there are available containers to replace them entirely. But I would like to get a start on this, getting the easiest (static) sites moved across, as well as spinning up an instance for my latest needs.

I read this thread on DigitalOcean to build out a new web hosting platform using nginx-proxy initially, then adding apache or wordpress containers after.

However, it does not mention migrating existing host-based apache websites, the content or being able to run both web servers (host & containers) concurrently during any migration phase.

Is this possible? Can any one assist please?


Is anyone able to assist, please?