docker not running enough cpu thread multiplier ?

Hi everybody !!! I have 1 problem, please help me. I have 1 desktop computer, configuration: dual xeon 2696v4 (44 cores 88 threads), 64G ram, win 10 pro. on task manager, it shows 44 cores and 88 threads. but check on docker’s CLI with lscpu command, only running 44 threads. next i check 2 sockets in bios, i see default cores enable = 0 (meaning it recognizes cores and threads by itself). I tried adjusting cores enable = 16 (both sockets), then I went back to win, and saw that task manager received 32 cores 64 threads; i keep checking lscpu in docker CLI, i see it already running 64 threads. please help me, how to make docker run max 44 cores 88 threads? (I’m running docker free version). Thank you very much!!!