Docker not working with my secondary drive

I have been using docker for a while now, and have just set up a new server running ubuntu server.

I want my Nextcloud and Photoprism container to run on my hard drive instead of running on my ssd. the ssd is the primary drive mounted to / and the hdd is mounted to /hddusb.
When setting Photoprism to bind and setting it to a directory in the home folder, in this case /root/test, it all works perfectly.
When I set it to /hddusb/photoprism, it gives me an error that states “request failed with status code 500” I have looked into this error and I have only found network errors.
I also tried using Volumes, using the local-persist driver. I can create the volume no problem, but as soon as I start it up, It comes back saying " open /hddusb/photoprism: no such file or directory".

I have no Idea What could be causing this problem,
Any help would be appreciated

P.S. I am using Portainer to manage the containers