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Docker on wsl2, strange folder name


Under one folder, if I start “wsl”, with Docker Desktop running, the path gets strange :


Why is this under “docker-desktop-bind-mounts” ?

How can I fix this ?

If I’m under other folder, I don’t have this issue :


Thanks for any help !

I uninstalled Docker Desktop and the microsoft store Ubuntu 20.04 app.

Then reinstalled the Ubuntu, but this time, not 20.04, but only Ubuntu (which is 20.04 anyway).
And reinstalled Docker Desktop.

Same problem :
With docker desktop started. Going to ubuntu, with “wsl -d Ubuntu”, the path is now


Instead of “/mnt/d/htdocs/laracasts/lar8frsc”.

So, in my docker panel, under “Containers / Apps”, I have one listed as “5db8e096e96dcde99007566869902027a09524bd8527abe745a095f1f1e272a9”. Not very friendly name.

In the meantime, since there’s a strong recommendation to no use mounts across operating systems (i.e. “/mnt/…”), I create my projects directly in the Linux File System (i.e. “\\wsl$\Ubuntu\home\trogne\myprojectname”).

You can read the recommendation here :

And there’s also an alert for that in vscode if you launch it (“code .”) in a “/mnt” folder:
“This workspace is on the Windows file system (/mnt/). For best performance, we recommend moving the workspace to the Linux file system (~/home).”