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Docker & Personal Data Act?

(Christertallberg) #1


As my country is kind of strict when it comes to the Personal Data Act rules, it´s kind of complicated to store images in the US. It would be easier if the image is stored within Europe. My question is; when i´m pushing my docker images to Docker Hub - in what country is it physically stored in?


(Timgriffiths) #2

Why not just create a private repo that you control and manage in your own network?

(Christertallberg) #3

I could and that´s the solution I see right now. The reason I asked was that I was planning to distribute my container to some clients and I thought it would be convenient to just push it to Docker Hub and tell them to get it from there.

(Timgriffiths) #4

There is nothing stopping you exposing your internal private repo to external parties, security could be a simple as a reverse proxy or you could have more secure solutions like Quay or Docker Trusted Registry, or you could even host it in AWS, after all it’s just a http service at the end of the day there is nothing that special about Docker Hub, especially if you have concerns about where the data is hosted, hosting it your self let’s you manage those risks,