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Docker PiHole Network Access

So I followed A youtube instruction on setting up Docker then Pihole on Docker for Windows. It’s running in a linux container. I’ve gotten PiHole fully installed and setup… just one problem… The docker network/container is on a 10.##.##.## network while my home network is on 192.##.###.## and they can not communicate.
The Pi website ( ) says running “docker run --net=host” should fix this. Docker doesnt even recognize that as a command. Output: “docker run” requires at least 1 argument." I’ve tried searching but for hours but no solution yet.

The scroll bar continues for a few pages. Can I please just get some simple help on how to make the container network accessible on my LAN? I want to put the PiHole IP in as my DNS on my router.

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i have the same problem and can’t find the solution

I’m new to docker and just now learning but I believe the IP your looking for is the docker host IP. The 10.X.X.X is the IP for the docker environment kind of like in Hyper-V where you can have a NIC/virtual switch only for the VM inside the hyper-v host.
Try going to http://localhost/admin/ on the machine running the Pihole container.
For the DNS filtering you’ll need the IP of your host I think.

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same problem here. did you get it fixed? so sad that even a year later the problem still exists in this forum.