Docker playground; image not showing on website

Good day, guys!
I’m currently learning Docker using the docker playground online.
My question is that I’ve created a sample website based off the nginx image, I’ve uploaded the picture that I’ll be using on my labs instance on the same folder, I’ve also placed the correct file path for both my html file and image, however my picture doesn’t appear on my website. Here is a screenshot:

I hope everyone is well. Thank you.

All we can tell from that screenshot is that you’re using and that the picture is not found. Which you already wrote as well. You didn’t even say what the URL of that picture in the HTML source code is. There must be so much more you can tell us.

We really need all details to be able to help.

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Thanks for the response.
I’ve downloaded the image and uploaded together with the html file on the lab’s instance, and used “img src” tag on the html file to reference the picture.

Sorry, really not enough details to help you. I’d suggest the official Orientation and setup | Docker Documentation.

Until you can tell us why you think this issue is related to Docker and show how you use it without Docker and how exactly you deployed it with Docker, this does not seem to be a Docker issue, but an HTML or general web development issue, so you should use at least the development console in your browser and see your server logs. Then you can quote error messages and share your configuration files.