Docker Postgres Database volume replication and failover implementation

Dear Team,

  1. Docker Postgres Database volume replication and failover implementation in docker swarm environment

I want to achieve Docker Postgres Volume Replication , Failover and load balancing with zero down time high availability of PostgreSQL
If is possible or not, if it possible could me give any solution.

New topics about the same question will not give you more answers especially when you don’t reply to your helpers

  1. Docker Postgres Volume Replication
  2. Docker Volume Replication

As I already told you zero downtime and Postgres HA is not something that you will learn here and get a “solution”. This is something that professionals learning and practicing for years to do it right.

If you know how to do it without Docker and you have a docker-specific question, we can help you with that. Otherwise you and your team need a professional consultant who can actually give you the solution, although not for free. If it is not something that you can do and you need to rely on forums, you need to do your research, ask docker specific questions here or postgres specific questions on a postgres forum. A general question may get you a partial answer once or twice, but you can’t expect the solution from someone else these kind of questions.

I am going to close this topic as it doesn’t add any new question compared to the other two.