Docker + postgres

I am using M2 chip.
Docker version 24.0.5

version: "3.5"


      - "5432:5432"
    container_name: "${LOCALSTACK_DOCKER_NAME-pgsql2}"
    image: postgres:15.3
    restart: always
      POSTGRES_PASSWORD: password
      PGDATA: "/data/postgres"
      - "./postgres:/data/postgres"
      - "./dump.sql:/docker-entrypoint-initdb.d/dump.sql"
    user: ${UID}:${GID}

This is my docker compose file. I want to initialize database while running the container.
I am getting this error while doing docker-compose up pgsql2

initdb: error: could not change permissions of directory “/data/postgres”: Operation not permitted
pgsql2 | fixing permissions on existing directory /data/postgres …

Tried most of solution like changing image or using named volumes.
Any help is appreciated!

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I moved the topic to the compose category before reading @meyay’s post, but I’m pretty sure it was nothing to do with the community. I mean the whole website is for questions answared by the community, but the question is not about the community,

I think you should just read the image description more carefully: postgres
You set the PGDATA to the moint point while the descriptions recommends mounting the parent folder not data


Important Note: when mounting a volume to /var/lib/postgresql, the /var/lib/postgresql/data path is a local volume from the container runtime, thus data is not persisted on the mounted volume.

You probably can’t change the ownership of the moint point.

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