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docker prevents using chrt


I have a Docker-ce version 18.09.1 installed on a CentOS Linux release 7.5.1804 (Core).
I am trying to change the priority of a task using chrt (for e.g sudo chrt -f 99 whoami). But the following error occurs:
chrt:failed to set pid 0’s policy: Operation not permitted
Once i reboot the machine, the chrt works well (because the Docker daemon is not working). As soon as i start Docker (sudo systemctl start docker) the chrt does not work anymore (on the same console, it continues to work, but if you connect to other consoles, it stops working).
The only founded solution is to change the “rt_runtime_us” value of the kernel to -1. But using 100% of CPU for RT is dangerous. Is it possible to solve this problem in another way?

Thanks in advance