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Docker pull behind enterprise proxy - Docker for Windows running on Hyper-V with standard MobyLinuxVM

(Giovanni Novelli) #1

It’s two years I use docker for production containers. Docker hosts are all linux-based.

Now I’m trying Docker on Windows, running with MobyLinuxVM as Hyper-V.
I need to run it behind the enterprise proxy, so pulls/pushes don’t work.
I would like to know if there is a way to pass the proxy information to dockerd on MobyLinuVM in some approved way.
I know it’s possible to do it with docker-machine create (a new docker host on hyper-v).

Is it possible on MobyLinuxVM? I see it has a read only filesystem (done chroot on it to check that).


(Michael Friis) #2

It’s in settings

(Amanda Debler) #3

Has anyone found a way to pass these values programmatically? I’ve looked all through the Windows registry and the files in C:\Program Files\Docker. It appears that the values are stored in the MobyLinuxVM - probably as HTTP_PROXY and HTTPS_PROXY environment variables. The values do not show up in the GUI until after the MobyLinuxVM has started up. I’ve figured out how to get the value with PowerShell, using Get-NetIPAddress.

Why programmatically? I run CNTLM on my desktop to handle authenticating to our NTLM web proxy, and the value does not work because on the MobyLinuxVM, that would refer to its network interface, not that of my PC running CNTLM. My PC’s IP address changes anytime I’m at a different location, of course.

(Jasonwangnanjing) #4

I have the same issue.