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Docker pull forbidden?

(Sgauert2) #1

Expected behavior

Docker runs hello_world exapmle

Actual behavior

PS C:\Users\Administrator> docker run hello-world:nanoserver
Unable to find image 'hello-world:nanoserver' locally
nanoserver: Pulling from library/hello-world
bce2fbc256ea: Retrying in 1 second
baa0507b781f: Retrying in 1 second
87b9648c93f5: Download complete
b4cc2f3a7373: Download complete
C:\Program Files\docker\docker.exe: Forbidden.
See 'C:\Program Files\docker\docker.exe run --help'.


We are runnig W2K16 behind a coporate firewall which is configured.
Any ideas why this is failing / forbidden?

Index Time EntryType Source InstanceID Message

3138 Aug 03 13:47  Error       docker                          1 Download failed: Forbidden                                         
3137 Aug 03 13:47  Error       docker                          1 Error initiating layer download: Get https://az896309.vo.msecnd....
3139 Aug 03 13:47  Error       docker                          1 Error trying v2 registry: Forbidden                                
3141 Aug 03 13:47  Error       docker                          1 Error initiating layer download: Get https://az896309.vo.msecnd....
3140 Aug 03 13:47  Error       docker                          1 Attempting next endpoint for pull after error: Forbidden 

Steps to reproduce the behavior

docker run hello-world:nanoserver

(Goffinf) #2

Did you get to the bottom of this ?

I have an identical problem when attempting to docker pull (from DockerHub) on Windows Server 2016. I am also behind a corporate firewall but I don’t think that the problem since it clearly can connect and recognises the image names (and rejects bad names if I deliberately mis-type them).

It made me wonder whether it might be related to the account the docker service is running under and whether it has privs to write to the image directory location ?

Any ideas ?

(Luke P.) #3

Try logging out of Docker Hub from the GUI Whale. Then log back in and make sure you have Windows Containers selected, since nanoserver is being pulled. Make sure to restart Docker afterwords.

(Goffinf) #4

@deepinthought. Thx for your response. As with nearly all of these types of problem it was proxy related, so is resolved. There is no need to log into DockerHub to pull public images. There is no GUI whale on Windows Server 2016.

(Luke P.) #5

Glad to hear it is fixed. I only suggested because stored credentials can be saved and cause issues with public images too. Never used 2016 yet, good to know on GUI.