Docker pull from AWS registry fails

Expected behavior

Pull from private AWS docker registry works successfully on AWS instances after executing “docker login”

Actual behavior

Attempting to do some local development using Docker for Windows, but pulling from same AWS registry.

I performed a successful docker login to my AWS registry on Windows as I have done from my AWS instances. However, a “docker pull” command that succeeds on the AWS instances fails on my local installation with the following:

Pulling repository
C:\Program Files\Docker\Docker\Resources\bin\docker.exe: unauthorized: authentication required.
See ‘C:\Program Files\Docker\Docker\Resources\bin\docker.exe run --help’.


Windows 10 x64
Docker logs show no errors or other indicators to the problem
Version 1.12.0-rc3-beta18 (build: 5226)

Steps to reproduce the behavior

  1. Successful “docker login” to AWS registry
  2. From local Windows machine with Docker for Windows installed attempt a docker pull of an image in the AWS registry

Are you using the credential helper? There are some known problems with that:

Nice finds.

If I go to Control Panel\User Accounts\Credential Manager, then I can see that the “docker login” command places an entry in the Windows Credentials Manager. That goes right in line with what you pointed out.

I also see that the bug fix related to the issue was committed to master back on Jun 5 and looks as though it is in the version I am using. However, that doesn’t preclude there being additional undetected bugs related to it. So far my conclusion is that it is a bug related to credential management in Docker, but I don’t know how to go about helping to identify if it is truly a bug or a some other problem on my end. Any suggestions?

I believe the issue is still open: