Docker pull not using correct DNS server when private registry on VPN

I’m getting the same problems simply trying to use Docker4Mac on my company network and trying to access our company registry. My mac’s nameservers are correctly set to and but if I ‘screen’ into the docker alpine linux vm the /etc/resolv.conf file contains only the google nameservers. As a result, pulls from the internal registry fail.

From what other people have said, is the Docker4Mac designed to pick up the nameserver config from the host Mac and replicate it in the VM?

One thing I did note that might have an impact is that I’m using a MacBook Air with an ethernet adaptor which means en0 is the wifi card (which is off) and my normal network connection is on en3.

My network setup is ‘nat’ and native/port-forwarding is true. Using hostnet for my network setup caused Docker4Mac to fail to start (maybe related to the en0 / en3 stuff)