Docker push not working

I successfully built my docker file. But when i try to push it to my public repository, it throws me the following error:

bash-3.2$ docker push nkimidi/mysql_rhel6:latest
The push refers to a repository [nkimidi/mysql_rhel6] (len: 1)
Sending image list
FATA[0001] Error: Status 400 trying to push repository nkimidi/mysql_rhel6: "Access denied: 8dc6a04270dfb41460bd53968e31b14da5414501c935fb67cf25975af9066925 is a private image" 

I am sure that my repository is public. I did not find much help on the internet. Can somebody help?

This is my Dockerfile

FROM rhel6

RUN yum clean all
RUN yum update
RUN curl -OL
RUN yum install mysql-community-release-el6-5.noarch.rpm  -y

ADD ./ /opt/


CMD ["/bin/bash", "/opt/"]

did you log in with docker login first? You need to log in to push to private images

Hello Donald,

Yes i used docker login.
I see this error after it.