Docker registry login

Hello, tell me, please, what command can I see in which docker registries I am login

I don’t understand your question. Please, show an example ccommand even if that is not real, existing command if that is easier for you to sho what result you would expect from the command.

If you want to see if you are logged in to a specific registry on your machine, that depends on your credential store. I don’t know any docker command for that.

Note that logging in to a Docker registry doesn’t mean you will push to that registry or pull images from that registry only. You still need to use proper image tags to refer to registries.

docker login command. For example, I logged into some registry. And what command should I look into which registries I logged in.

Then as I wrote above it depends on the credential store. The auth data can be in your docker client config $HOME/.docker/config.json or wherever your credential store stores data. Although as far as I know, your client config file should store the name of the registries at least even if the actual passwords are somewhere else: $HOME/.docker/config.json