Docker rtmp videojs

I am running Docker within a Ubuntu VM in Virtual-box.

Host: Ubuntu 16.04 Server LTS
Docker Version: 1.12.6

  • Ip’s changed to protect the innocent *

IPTV Encoder:
IPTV Stream RTMP push: rtmp://

Docker Guest:

Ubuntu 16.04 with nginx 1.13.5 with “master” Nginx-rtmp-module compiled and installed.

I have exposed 8282 for website for rtmp player & 1935 for rtmp on nginx side. outside: inside:

My website loads to my custom stream player webpages either jariplayer or videojs locally hosted ( these load the player but not the rtmp stream )

If I use VLC from another pc and load up the RTMP stream from the Docker running Nginx-rtmp “rtmp://” it will play fine.

Since I know the Nginx is serving my html based player and the stream then it must be how I am connecting to the stream from the web based player. I get media unsupported or not available. I have ran this setup in a traditional VM and it has worked.

Do i use: rtmp://localhost/live/ext - rtmp:// or is there some other issue I should investigate?

rtmp {
server {
listen 1935;
chunk_size 4096;

    application live {
         	live on;
	record off;
	allow publish all;




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