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Docker run command repository issues

Hi, I am trying to run below commands it showing as

docker run --privileged -v NAP_db:/opt/karaf/data/db -v NAP_yang:/opt/karaf/data/yang -v NAP_log:/opt/karaf/data/log -v /etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro-e DEPLOYMENT_TYPE=NAP–network host -d --init --name nap --hostname nap-container – centos start

docker: invalid reference format: repository name must be lowercase.

Please assist the issue. I have tried all possibilities.

Downloading Docker images from :anchor:
Install docker.
Make sure you have your bitrise.yml in your repository.

You don’t have to commit it, but the file must exist in your repository’s root directory.

cd into your repository’s directory on your Mac/Linux.
Pull the image from its registry:

docker pull
Run the following command:

docker run --privileged --env CI=false --volume “$(pwd):/bitrise/src” --volume “/var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock” --rm bitrise run WORKFLOW`
If you want to just jump into the container and experiment inside, you can replace --rm bitrise run WORKFLOW with -it bash to start an interactive bash shell inside the container. For example:

docker run --privileged --env CI=false --volume “$(pwd):/bitrise/src” --volume “/var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock” -it bash
In general, if your project is an Android project but you don’t use Android NDK, to preserve precious disk space, you should use the docker image. You can find other official Bitrise docker images on our Quay page. In this example, we’re using the one.

Download docker images from the Quay:

docker pull`
Be aware that this can take quite a bit of time, as this image is over 10 GB. If the download fails or hangs, you can restart it any time by running the same command again.

Download your Bitrise build configuration (bitrise.yml) to the root directory of your repository.

You can download your project’s bitrise.yml from the bitrise.yml tab of your Workflow Editor on

In your Terminal / Command Line go to (cd) the root directory of your repository. Check if your bitrise.yml is at this location.
If you try to reproduce an issue, you should git clone your repository into a NEW DIRECTORY, so that the directory will only contain the files which are committed into the repository! It’s a frequent reproducibility issue that you try to run the commands in your normal working directory, where you most likely have files which are not committed into your repository, for example, files which are in .gitignore.