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Docker run command simplify

(Killertjuh) #1

Dear users,

I`m working with docker for a few weeks and i wondering if there are any easy way to start images.

Sometimes i have NFS share ore datacontainers linked to the container. At this point i have to remember these lines:
docker run -itp 81:80 --name nameofcontainer --link contaimername command of application with parameters.

And i know after a few weeks ore even days i dont know what i did to start this image. Is there any easy why to save this line and start container?

(Sam Saffron) #2

standard procedure is to create a wrapper bash script OR use launch in background with restart always.

(Ranjandas) #3


You should consider using Docker Compose. In Docker compose, you specifies all these parameters in a yml file and just do a compose up command to bring up the container. You can also version this file which will help you remember all the historical changes made to start the docker container.

Also if you are using any configuration management tool , check whether it has a Docker module, where you can script the container launching. If you are not using one yet, I request you to take a look at Ansible, and Ansible Docker module.

A sample docker launch snippet from ansible.

- name: Run Consul Container
    name: consul
    image: progrium/consul
    state: started
      - "8500:8500"
      - "8301:8301"
      - "8301:8301/udp"
    command: -server -bootstrap-expect 1 -bind {{ ansible_eth1.ipv4.address }}
    net: host
    hostname: consul
    restart_policy: always