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Docker run on existing image instead?

I have the php.ini copied out to my working directory.
After I edit the php.ini for settings such as upload_max_filesize, I want to link back into the existing image.

refer to some online tutorials, it shows this command

docker run -dit -v /root/php/php.ini:/usr/local/etc/php/php.ini -p 80:80 IMAGEID
(this imageid is for php repo)

so I modify to become mine
docker run -dit -v /home/happyboy/Codes/xampp7.4.21/php.ini:/usr/local/etc/php/php.ini -p 80:80 7ca026d3f8b0

7ca026d3f8b0 is image ID for repository name: xampp7421_web

But running this command put me into trouble, it created a new container

Although this no bringing serious issue, I still can go to docker GUI delete it off, then start the xampp7421_web, but not a beautiful solution.

Any way for me to tie and sync the php.ini into EXISTING image inside the photo?