Docker-scout MALWARE

Hi everyone, the anti virus software has quarantined docker-scout (osx/merlin.ext) in the cli-plugins directory. 1) I ask the forum is anyone undersrtands if the malware is malicious? 2) if I delete docker-scout will docker still operate ok? Any pointers would be very much appreciated!

Docker Scout analyzes your images to help you understand their dependencies and potential vulnerabilities.

Maybe there is some code it uses to compare to vulnerabilities, therefore the antivirus thinks it’s bad?

Docker Scout is an official product from Docker (link), so malware risk is probably low. is for example a site you can use to check files, try to upload it there.

If it is really an unmodified Docker Scout you should’t worry about that, but if you don’t need docker scout, you can delete the cli plugin.

You could also report the issue here: