Docker Service is accessible on worker node even if there is no container running

Hi Guys,

I have question regarding running docker service.

I have 3 instances running 1 Master and 2 Worker nodes in swarm mode
When I ran a service with 2 replicasets it running on Master Node and Worker Node 1. Here’s where the saw this that when I try and hit the ip/host for Worker Node 2 I was able to access the service even though there is no containers running on it.

Is it a valid scenario??

As far as I know, ReplicaSet is a Kubernetes term, not Docker Swarm. Do you mean you are running a service with to replica and one replica is running on the master node and the other on the worker?

I only ask it so it will clear for everyone, but it doesn’t matter on which node you try to access an IP address on the overlay nework and published services should be available on each node from an external machine: