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Docker service placement global


Is it possible to have docker swarm global service with placement count of n? Per documentation I see global will create only 1 replica on each node, I need to create n replicas on each node.

If I use replica count of n without global placement the services are distributed unevenly when a node goes down. When the node is back up, the services are not distributed evenly again unless I perform service update with reduced number of replicas and then to correct number of replicas.

For example 18 replicas on 3 nodes:
1 node is down, the replicas are distributed 9/node (this will overload the two nodes, not a desirable state)
1 node back up but this node will not have any replicas
To move the replicas to the new node I have to perform docker service update to 12 replicas and then back to 18 replicas so the new node has 6 replicas.