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Docker shipyard FATA[0000] config does not exist; try logging in


(Ramap87) #1

i am trying to add a shipyard engine to shipyard container using shipyard cli .i had created the shipyard container using the below commands.

docker run -it -d --name shipyard-rethinkdb-data --restart=always -v /data/:/data/ --entrypoint /bin/bash shipyard/rethinkdb -l

docker run -it -P -d --name shipyard-rethinkdb --restart=always --volumes-from shipyard-rethinkdb-data shipyard/rethinkdb

docker run -td -e SERVICE_8080_NAME=shipyard -e SERVICE_8080_CHECK_SCRIPT=“curl --silent --fail $IP:80/” -p 80:8080 --restart=always --link shipyard-rethinkdb:rethinkdb shipyard/shipyard

The container is getting created and i am using shipyard cli tp login into the conatiner and add engines.

docker run -it shipyard/shipyard-cli:2.0.8 shipyard login

After i run the cli command it asks for URL,USERNAME,PASSWORD.which i am able to provide . but when i try to add engine using

docker exec -it shipyard add-engine --id ‘Neus’ --addr ‘’ --cpus ‘1.0’ --memory ‘1024’ --label ‘NEUS’

It is throwing error with

“FATA[0000] config does not exist; try logging in”.Please help me to proceed further. Thanks,Rama