Docker: 'start' is not a docker command

Trying to start a couple containers that used to work with:

$ sudo docker start CONTAINER

But when I run them now i get “docker: ‘start CONTAINER’ is not a docker command”. How to correct this?

The Docker service is definitely up and other containers are running. The containers I am trying to run are listed as “Exited” using ‘docker ps -a’. The others are shown as running.

If I reattach them with ‘docker run’ will I lose the data stored from before?

Manjaro KDE 5.24.5
Kernal 5.13.19-2-MANJARO
Docker 20.10.16


That’s odd: it seems that “start CONTAINER” is quoted and therefor matches the single argument start CONTAINER and not the two argument start and CONTAINER.

Just to be sure: CONTAINER is just a placeholder for a container name or a container id in your command, isn’t it…


Yes, CONTAINER is just a placeholder for the container ID or name which I did not provide.