Docker suddenly stopped working when I used a Clash of Magic Private Server!

I am a gamer and I also use Docker in my daily day routine. I am using this software for almost three years. But now suddenly stopped working. Recently I have download and Installed Clash of Magic Private Server, then It gets into some trouble. I don’t know what happened. Are these two things are connected with each other?

For knowledge:
Clash of Magic is a private server for the Clash of Clans Android game which I play on my PC using Bluestacks. I downloaded it from a third-party site. using this private we get unlimited Coins and Gems. This server is working fine but the docker gets into some sort of problem.

Please help me! Just tell me that these two things are connected with others or not?

Let me rephrase: you installed an apk inside the BlueStacks Android emulator on your machine. At the same time the previously installed Docker Engine stopped working. Now you are asking if BlueStacks could the reason that the Docker Engine stopped working on your (Windows or MacOS) machine.

I am curious about the chain of thoughts that lead to you having the impression that both would be related.

May I suggest to ask that question in a BlueStacks forum? I am quite sure the percentage of BlueStacks users that also use Docker is by magnitudes higher, then the number of Docker users that use BlueStacks.

Good luck!