Docker swarm ability to build images locally to avoid using registry

Registry seems great for large scale applications but I would like to have the ability to not use it and instead having my workers build their images locally.
I don’t really have a technical justification for it except that IMO it would make everything a bit more easier and streamlined in the devops world.
I really don’t feel the need for a registry; at least in my use case where I am still testing and in development.
Registry is adding another layer of unnecessary complexity especially when it comes to maintaining certificates.

There is one for the registry: swarm will identify the images by their sha256 digest, which will be different on each node, where you build the same image (outside swarm, like already mentiond in another thread!). I also mentioned the other available option, which is save an image on one host and load it into the local image cache of another node. Those are your options if you want to use swarm - they are not “nice-to-have”, but rather inevitable.

If you don’t feel running your own registry, then what about subscribing to it as service?
For instance, if you get a dockerhub subscription, it will allow you to host private repositories - so the workflow you are using now will remain, with the only difference that you have to perform a docker login and need to deploy with the extra argument --with-registry-auth for docker stack deploy.

Thank you for the clarifications.
I still think it would be nice to have this feature. Maybe Im the only one ok :))
I understand that my request could be prone to image mismatch but that is a risk that can be easily managed with git on small scale applications with few physical hosts.