Docker swarm use local service

Hi everybody,

I’m new in docker swarm and I’m trying to make somethings easy.

I have 2 application app1 and app2. app1 create a huge file for app2.
The file is wirtten on a data volume shared between app1 and app2 container.
Previously I use a link directive to move from app1 to app2.

Now I have created 2 services in global mode. (with data volume mount shared in host).
But when I move from app1 to app2 I can be on another machine.
(App1 create file on machine1 and I go to machineX-app2)

So how I can access to machine1-app1 to machine1-app2 ?

Thanks for your help :wink:

Ps: just a picture to see what I talk

The version I hva now (the red arrows are the links I want to remove)

Nobody can help me ?

well managed to solve this problem ? :slight_smile: