Docker swarm using remote servers

What I want to accomplish is creating Swarm manager in one server and a worker on a different server. For this I’m using the following commands: - First I create the discovery service with:

docker-machine create -d virtualbox mh-keystore
eval "$(docker-machine env mh-keystore)"
docker run -d \
 -p "8500:8500" \
 -h "consul" \
 progrium/consul -server -bootstrap

Then I create the manager:

    docker-machine create \
     -d virtualbox \
     --swarm --swarm-master \
     --swarm-discovery="consul://$(docker-machine ip mh-keystore):8500" \
     --engine-opt="cluster-store=consul://$(docker-machine ip mh-keystore):8500" \
     --engine-opt="cluster-advertise=eth1:2376" \


So far so good the problem is now when I create the worker on another server:

docker-machine create -d virtualbox \
     --swarm \
     --swarm-discovery="consul://IP:8500" \
     --engine-opt="cluster-store=consul://IP:8500" \
     --engine-opt="cluster-advertise=eth1:2376" \

How can I accomplish this without being it locally? I can only find tutorials online for doing it locally…

Thanks for the help Sérgio Mendes