Docker swarm wildfly urgent help needed

Hi i want to setup a HA wildfly instane on docker swarm as a suddenly came project .

so here is my architecture 3 apache front end server in docker swarm(1) with 3 docker mangers and 3 docker works. And 3 wildfly 10 with another seprate docker swarm(2)
3 mangers 3 workes db is in physical machine mysql with group replication

  1. so my doubts are now application in working on ip no dns reslove . for eg if i put my front apache server with ip on physical machine (port exposed via docker 80 port) if the docker swarm manger or application in dies will that ip forwarded to next replication ?
    appplication server port listing on 8080 on physical machine from docker can docker can communicate the appplication server and forward request ?

2 which is best network layout i can chossee on application wildfly it will listen on port to receive data from a device and write to db . so will the docker application can connect to physical mysql server ?