Docker taking control of directories

yesterday i set up my SMBD and had all my shares set up. today i set up 2 docker containers, one for Plex Media Server, and one for Deluge. now the directories i mapped to both those containers are no longer network/smb accessable. if the something i need to do to allow them to be shared access?

i seem to have limited it down to a selinux thing. when i disable selinux everything seems to work as its supposed to

is there something i can do to prevent this with out disabling selinux?

previously i just ran plex and deluge directly on the system but they use a sha1 key and centos 9 has depreciated sha1

I usually work with Debian based systems so SELinux is something that I have not learned yet, but searching for “docker selinux samba mount” on Google I found this:

samba - SELinux create custom role - Server Fault.

The actual rules may be different for usecase, but you should search for something like this.