Docker Timezone issue

Dear All, I am new to Docker set up in my Dotnet core project in VS 2019 ide. Hence please help me out on below issue-

Issue is: When I run docker image locally through Command Window in Window 10, it considers UTC timezone. But I want it to run in local time zone (i.e. Asia/Calcutta).
Reason for this requirement We have dotnet core service which will keep on running on cloud. But, once it starts running for more than 10 hours AND post this, if any request comes to this service, then it says something like " Authentication Header is too old"

So I tried with below ways through the reference of ( )

  1. Adding below lines of command in Dockerfile and then running the same

RUN echo “Asia/Calcutta” > /etc/timezone
RUN dpkg-reconfigure -f noninteractive tzdata

Please help me out.

Can you paste your Dockerfile?