Docker Trust content in UCP setup


I am setting up UCP and DTR setup. before that, I need to enable Docker content Trust. I am facing issue after enabling docker content Trust in docker daemon.json.

  "content-trust": {
    "trust-pinning": {
      "official-library-images": true
    "mode": "enforced"

After restart the DTR VM and it shows the below error.

ERRO[0097] Reconfigure has failed. Try running it again.
ERRO[0097] Failed to execute phase2: Problem running container ‘dtr-phase2’ from image ‘’: polling failed with 30 attempts 1s apart: Error response from daemon: {“message”:“image did not meet required signing policy”}

So what is the best option to enable Docker content Trust in UCP env.
Could you please adivce how to enable Docker content Trust in UCP and DTR env. ?