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Docker Trusted Registry Pushing issue

(Sharif) #1

Hi There,
I run trusted registry in one server and to push images I am using --insecure-registry command in another server. But when I am trying to push images in docker trusted registry it showing
" unauthorized: authentication required "
when I try to do: docker login https://domain:443
it asking UserID/Password/Email

Can you define these. Mostly which Email address I need put ?

Thanks & Regards

(Siddharth67) #2

Hi Sharif,you need to have an account in docker hub, then you can use PUSH command.
Once you register for Docker Hub you need to use that email/password/username.
Docker Push works from Docker Terminal but it may have issues, if so, use below method,
$ docker-machine ssh default
after boot2docker loads,
$ docker login and enter name/password/email
Check the pic I have attached,