Docker vlan howto


I’m trying to work my way into docker and kindly ask for your help.

Until now I do use different vlans for ‘internet’, ‘guest’, ‘management’ etc. and running different VMs with Proxmox.

I would like to use docker instead of the VMs. To do so, I installed Rocky Linux (VM) and set up docker. Rocky Linux is having a single network interface (ens17) which is not active. I configured the first vlan ens17.10 which is the vlan for ‘internet’.

That is the point at which I’m having trouble, getting containers with the correct vlan setup.
Just pulling portainer, the portainer-port and portainer itself is reachable and working. But I do have to use the vlan ‘internet’ which isn’t the one I would like to use. Trying to get the unifi-controller-container working with the ‘management’-vlan I created a macvlan network (ens17.20) and assigned an IP to this container. The container/unifi-controller isn’t accessible (IP or port).

Using Mr. Google wasn’t successful as I got some howto’s about macvlan, but using this guides I ended up as before… So I deleted the networks and containers and hope for your advice.

I just don’t know if I’m just to blind to see it - but using different vlans with macvlan and having it reachable by the network is something that is quite common in my eyes. If there is a solution/howto for this let me know, please.

Kind regards,

There was an other similar question recently. Unfortunately this is all I can tell you.

Click on the title for the whole message. I could not set it on my machine yet.