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Docker vm crashes when host wakes from sleep mode

(Mrochon) #1

Hey docker community, this may not be the best discussion group for my question but if so I will move it to where is appropriate.

So I have just gotten one of my teams to adopt docker for all development. It is going reasonably well but I have identified one issue I am not quite sure how to approach.

It appears that when the developers put their laptops into sleep mode, on resume the docker vm no longer works. This error is intermittent on osx, but even if the vm stays alive across a sleep/wakeup cycle the internal clock goes out of sync and I dont seem to be able to sync the time properly. This causes problems with some security measures on our apis that require a reasonable time sync between nodes.On OSX all it requires is restarting the vm and it seems to sort itself out, but on windows we seem to have to delete and recreate the vm every time. On top of that sometimes it just wont work until the host machine is rebooted.

Normally I would figure this out on my own but unfortunately I did all the development work on a desktop PC which never goes to sleep and now that I have migrated developers over I am ansty to figure out a solution.

(Howard M. Lewis Ship) #2

I have a similar issue; on my Mac, after waking from sleep, Docker is running, but all containers have been shut down. This did not occur previously, when I was using Docker machine.