Docker Volumes and Binds

Hi Team,

I have below scenario while using docker container:

a. I have created a “Dell Boomi” container using docker run command (on Red Hat Linux using -v) and the container is up and running.

docker run -p 8092:9090 -h dockeratom05 -v /home/ec2-user/boomi_docker:/var/boomi -e URL= -e BOOMI_USERNAME=<user_name> -e BOOMI_PASSWORD= -e BOOMI_ATOMNAME=dockeratom05 -e BOOMI_CONTAINERNAME=dockeratom05 -e BOOMI_ACCOUNTID=<account_id> -e PROXY_HOST= -e PROXY_USERNAME= -e PROXY_PASSWORD= -e PROXY_PORT= -e DOCKERUID= -e SYMLINKS_DIR= -e ATOM_LOCALHOSTID=dockeratom05 -e INSTALL_TOKEN= -e INSTALLATION_DIRECTORY=/var/boomi --name dockeratom05 -d -t boomi/atom:20.02.0

b. After a while, there is a need to access a shared folder available in a different windows server.
Ex: C:\win_shared_drive

c. I have created a mount point in Red Hat Linux with below command:
mount -t cifs -o username=<user_name> //<windows_ip_address>/win_shared_drive /home/ec2-user/boomi_docker/Atom_dockeratom05/win_share

In above command ‘/home/ec2-user/boomi_docker/’ is the binding i have used while running the docker container in step ‘a’.

d. Within the container, I can see the newly created shared directory and I am able to create the files in this directory inside the container.

However, I am not able to see these newly created files in the host system .i.e on Red Hat Linux.

Is this the expected behavior?

What needs to be done to see the newly created files in the host system?